It is a hot summers day in Australia. I pass a
central restaurant in Melbourne and suddenly hear some music that causes my
interest. Brazilian artist Telmo Anum is playing inside. I step in for a
listen. We instantly connect. A few weeks later we hook up at his home near the
beautiful beaches in Gold Coast. For weeks we challenge the extreme hot weather
and record some of Telmo Anums excellent songs that deriver from his time in
Brazil, France and Australia. Anum has been in Australia for a long time, brought
by love and his passion for waves. But his roots are in Brazil. Anums songs tell
stories from pitoresque Olinda, cultural Pernambuco, the ocean and life in
North Eastern Brazil. He develops further a rich Repente (regional Rap) tradition
inherited from his father mestre Galo Preto. Anum has travelled and seen the
world. The origin sources of regional Maracatu, Coco and Ciranda are freely mixed
with influences such as Funk, Electronica and Hip Hop. I am thrilled by the results
of our recordings and bring the material to New Zealand and Sweden, refine the
arrangements and make additional recordings. Two years later Anum and I meet
again in Olinda. This is where we complete the album. We work with Olindas
fine, local musicians including legends as Cila do Coco and Galo Preto. Telmo
Anum is back in Brazil ready to show the world some glimpses of his musical
universe. The flavour and touch is authentic Brazilian spiced up with international
collabortation from all over the World. I am proud to finally present the album – New Beat!

Album release 15th of November on
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