We celebrate Swedish poet Erik Johan Stagnelius 220th anniversary today! Stagnelius growned up in Öland and become one of Swedens most beloved poets. To honour his great work with timeless lyrics and poems I toured Stagnelius former home cities with Stagnelius In Concert – an entire program dedicated the poet. The ensemble consists of Gärdslösa Chamber Choir, Solgerd Isalv – Mezzo Soprano, Torbjörn Westman – nyckleharpa/violin, Klas Edvall – cello and myself on piano. Erik Johan Stagnelius got alive through actor Lars Sonnesjö who had an intimate conversation with the poet. The Stagnelius In Concert tour was realized in September in collaboration with Kalmar Länsmusikstiftelse and Byteatern Kalmar Läns Teater. Concerts where made in Gärdslösa, Kalmar, Uppsala and Stockholm. The video shows the performance of Stagnelius “Månen” (The Moon) at Calmar Castle. Conductor is Ingegärd Cafourek.//www.youtube.com/embed/E2DKHfQkv9o