I am back in Brazil. This time for leisure and no particular music project in mind. I´m visiting the states of Ceará and Piauí in the North East. Ceará was the first state in Brazil that abolished slavery. By the time the colonialists arrived this part of South America there were plenty of Indians living by the coastal areas. The heat and draught in the hinterlands made it hard to reside and survive. Today there are villages and cities all over the sertão (the Brazilian bush). The hinterlands still remain dry and very hot!

I had an opportunity to experience the village of Jericoacoara (Indian name) surrounded by spectacular sand dunes and wide beaches. It used to be a fishermen place. Foreign people that saw the potential of the area bought the small houses and pieces of land for money the fishermen never before could have imagined. Now, many of these former landowners have to work for the new owners that have established pousadas and hotels and make huge earnings from the tourist industry. The former landowners are cheated like the former Indians, who were traded and forced from their original land in a similar way. Jericoacoara is still a fascinating place. Let´s hope it remains exclusive and intimate as it´s image as a charming beach village is threatened by commercial forces. New tourist resorts and apartments seem to wait around every corner.

I wish I could spot the former Indians fishing their freshwater lakes, rivers and coastlines. But by this time I could mainly see foreigners and tourists among the grazing donkeys and goats. The village of Jericoacoara is fortunately part of Jericoacoara National Park. This will hopefully to some extent, protect and guarantee this unique and amazing part of Brazil!