UN WOMAN makes their first campaign ever in Iceland. I recently co-wrote the song “You Can Count On Me (Because I Am A Woman)” with Jusssanam Dejah, a singer the I got to know through my Brasilicum project. The song went on air last Sunday and has been promoted this week along with the UN WOMAN campaign. Check this TV clip with Jussanam from Iceland TV 2: http://www.visir.is/section/MEDIA99&fileid=VTVB3E1110F-513D-4D87-B097-04CFB500A4CE

Brazilian born singer Jussanam Dejah recently became a Icelandic citizen and now lives in Reykjavik. But she had struggled hard to be able to stay in Iceland. Iceland suffered heavily from a recent economic crisis which almost made the government through Jussanam out of the country. Many other foreign workers in Iceland face the same problem, as they don’t have a required citizenship. But Jussanam created a protest group on Facebook; Jussanam Protest!!!! and created a name list to support her case.

Icelanders and people from all over the world showed a massive support. This support along with a legal process finally made Jussanam able to stay and continue her work in Iceland. She now use her Facebook group to help and support others who face similar difficulties. Who else would fit better than Jussanam as an example of a strong woman of the world? This makes her perfect in the UN WOMAN campaign, which focus on women’s situation all over the world. I hope our song will contribute to a good cause, to empower and strengthen women on our planet! You can listen the entire song here