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Welcome to Erici´s blog! Harald Erici is musician and record producer and resides in Sweden. Follow his journeys and projects around the globe. Read, comment or create posts yourself!

Telmo Anum video release

Main Posted on Fri, January 17, 2014 13:52:05

New video release with Brazilian artist Telmo Anum. This song is included on the album “New Beat” that we recorded in Australia and Brazil 2010-2012. The footage is captured on the streets of magnificent town Olinda. The complete music of “New Beat” is available on iTunes Store

Album release: New Beat

Main Posted on Fri, November 15, 2013 15:04:05

It is a hot summers day in Australia. I pass a
central restaurant in Melbourne and suddenly hear some music that causes my
interest. Brazilian artist Telmo Anum is playing inside. I step in for a
listen. We instantly connect. A few weeks later we hook up at his home near the
beautiful beaches in Gold Coast. For weeks we challenge the extreme hot weather
and record some of Telmo Anums excellent songs that deriver from his time in
Brazil, France and Australia. Anum has been in Australia for a long time, brought
by love and his passion for waves. But his roots are in Brazil. Anums songs tell
stories from pitoresque Olinda, cultural Pernambuco, the ocean and life in
North Eastern Brazil. He develops further a rich Repente (regional Rap) tradition
inherited from his father mestre Galo Preto. Anum has travelled and seen the
world. The origin sources of regional Maracatu, Coco and Ciranda are freely mixed
with influences such as Funk, Electronica and Hip Hop. I am thrilled by the results
of our recordings and bring the material to New Zealand and Sweden, refine the
arrangements and make additional recordings. Two years later Anum and I meet
again in Olinda. This is where we complete the album. We work with Olindas
fine, local musicians including legends as Cila do Coco and Galo Preto. Telmo
Anum is back in Brazil ready to show the world some glimpses of his musical
universe. The flavour and touch is authentic Brazilian spiced up with international
collabortation from all over the World. I am proud to finally present the album – New Beat!

Album release 15th of November on
iTunes Store:

220 years with Erik Johan Stagnelius!

Main Posted on Mon, October 14, 2013 20:06:36

We celebrate Swedish poet Erik Johan Stagnelius 220th anniversary today! Stagnelius growned up in Öland and become one of Swedens most beloved poets. To honour his great work with timeless lyrics and poems I toured Stagnelius former home cities with Stagnelius In Concert – an entire program dedicated the poet. The ensemble consists of Gärdslösa Chamber Choir, Solgerd Isalv – Mezzo Soprano, Torbjörn Westman – nyckleharpa/violin, Klas Edvall – cello and myself on piano. Erik Johan Stagnelius got alive through actor Lars Sonnesjö who had an intimate conversation with the poet. The Stagnelius In Concert tour was realized in September in collaboration with Kalmar Länsmusikstiftelse and Byteatern Kalmar Läns Teater. Concerts where made in Gärdslösa, Kalmar, Uppsala and Stockholm. The video shows the performance of Stagnelius “Månen” (The Moon) at Calmar Castle. Conductor is Ingegärd Cafourek.//

Amazing dunes in Jericoacoara

Main Posted on Wed, January 09, 2013 21:27:45

I am back in Brazil. This time for leisure and no particular music project in mind. I´m visiting the states of Ceará and Piauí in the North East. Ceará was the first state in Brazil that abolished slavery. By the time the colonialists arrived this part of South America there were plenty of Indians living by the coastal areas. The heat and draught in the hinterlands made it hard to reside and survive. Today there are villages and cities all over the sertão (the Brazilian bush). The hinterlands still remain dry and very hot!

I had an opportunity to experience the village of Jericoacoara (Indian name) surrounded by spectacular sand dunes and wide beaches. It used to be a fishermen place. Foreign people that saw the potential of the area bought the small houses and pieces of land for money the fishermen never before could have imagined. Now, many of these former landowners have to work for the new owners that have established pousadas and hotels and make huge earnings from the tourist industry. The former landowners are cheated like the former Indians, who were traded and forced from their original land in a similar way. Jericoacoara is still a fascinating place. Let´s hope it remains exclusive and intimate as it´s image as a charming beach village is threatened by commercial forces. New tourist resorts and apartments seem to wait around every corner.

I wish I could spot the former Indians fishing their freshwater lakes, rivers and coastlines. But by this time I could mainly see foreigners and tourists among the grazing donkeys and goats. The village of Jericoacoara is fortunately part of Jericoacoara National Park. This will hopefully to some extent, protect and guarantee this unique and amazing part of Brazil!

New video: Amanda – Stagnelius In Concert

Main Posted on Sun, September 23, 2012 11:39:57

“Amanda” is one of Erik Johan Stagnelius most beloved poems. Stagnelius grew up in Gärdslösa village in Öland almost 200 years ago and is considered as one of Swedens most important poets.

“Stagnelius In Concert” is an entire concert that tributes Erik Johan Stagnelius and his poems with new music by Harald Erici. The first performance was held in Gärdslösa medieval church in September 2011. The video is recorded in Kalmar Castle the same weekend. Lars Sonnejö, actor from Byteatern Kalmar Läns Teater made a portrait of an aged and sick Erik Johan Stagnelius some time before his early death.

More information:

Three new choral concerts

Main Posted on Sat, September 08, 2012 12:17:45

Last night was the premiere for “Visor oss emellan” in Ulriksbergskyrkan in Växjö. The concert mixes songs by Swedens most popular composers with new compositions to poetry by Erik Johan Stagnelius. Participants are Gärdslösa Chamber Choir, choir leader Ingegärd Cafourek, me on the piano, singer CajsaStina Åkerström, Claes Janson and Björn Johansson, Nils-Petter Ankarblom – piano, Backa-Hans – bass, and renowned choir leader Gustaf Sjökvist. The second concert will be held tonight in Gärdslösa Church, Öland and the final concert in Kalmarsalen, Kalmar tomorrow afternoon. Welcome to enjoy this beautiful music with some of Swedens finest artists! Get tickets for Kalmarsalen here

New video: Midland Forest

Main Posted on Wed, August 29, 2012 00:14:14

Check out this video clip from the concert “Amazonia – Wildwood Stories” in Algutsrum Church, Öland the 9th of August 2012. Music composed by me and performed together with New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan:

Premiere for the Amazonia concert

Main Posted on Fri, July 20, 2012 09:31:52

Last night I performed a new concert together with New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan. The concert is named “Amazonia – Wildwood Stories” and consists of new original compositions and some Brazilian pieces.

I met Julie in Rio de Janeiro four years back, through our common friend, Australian trumpet player Mike Ryan. In 2010 I visited Julie in New Zealand and we toured the South Island together. I also launched my musical project Brasilicum in Wellington with Brazilian and New Zealand musicians. In the end of our tour we stayed at Riverside Community in Mouteka, a beautiful, green valley surrounded by step mountains on the North tip of the South Island. We had a concert in the community church and used the beautiful location to compose new music together, music inspired by the sounds and life of New Zeland nature. We also used poems by Brazilian poet Márcia Theóphilo for our inspiration. Marcia writes about the Amazonian rainforests and it´s diverse habitants.

Now, two years later, we perform this music for the first time in Sweden. Julie Bevan is going to spend three weeks in Öland to compose and make concerts with me. Our first concert where made last night in the old, medieval church of Långlöt in Öland. We will do another concert of “Amazonia – Wildwood Stories” in Algutsrum church the 9th of August. Check our project site to find out about our other upcoming concerts:

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